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Designs so stunning and irresistible, we guarantee youíll sell EVERY piece you order. Thatís our guarantee.

Dana Designs is always seeking jewelry retailers to add to our client base. After viewing the collections in our virtual showroom, please contact us at 541-260-2211. Required information is: Store Name/Address/Phone Number/Owner Name/Buyer Name and a copy of the Resale License.

Our objective is to offer original quality products and dependable service. Full-service and timely deliveries are focal points for both Dana Designs and the authorized salons that represent our line.

Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged and satisfaction is guaranteed on custom orders, as well as standard orders. If it doesn't sell, return it in its original condition, weíll exchange it with a proven design for your particular clientele.

Colored crystals and gemstone beads are available. 14k Gold and 14k Gold-filled substitutions for Sterling Silver are also available, call for pricing.

Shy about getting started? Simply call me and share with me a little about your clientele. Iíll hand pick a selection for a sample package of my jewelry, customized to fit your shops needs and to tantalize the desires of your specific clientele. You examine it risk-free for 60 days and if you decide youíd like to feature one or more of my lines in your shop, Iíll take all the risk away by guaranteeing that it will sell. Now with a guarantee like that, why wouldn't you say yes?

We now have our 'retailers sign-in section' up and running. You will be able to view each piece, the suggested retail, and the wholesale prices. This way you can view new items as they are added. To obtain the password, contact us with the information stated in paragraph 2 above.

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